The best places to snorkel in Cabo

By febrero 26, 2023Visit Cabo

The best places to snorkel in Cabo

Cabo is one of the most important destinations for snorkeling worldwide. Thanks to its crystal clear waters and its diversity of flora and marine life, Los Cabos is an important destination for snorkeling worldwide, where you will discover the best snorkeling and diving spots to explore. Whether you are a beginner diver or an advanced scuba aficionado, you will be amazed by a wide variety of marine experiences that you will never forget.

During the snorkeling tour, you will be able to explore the extraordinary reefs and snorkel among numerous colorful sea creatures. As one of only three living coral reefs in North America, this dive will open your eyes to the true complexity of the deep blue sea.

Known as the «Aquarium of the World,» the Sea of ​​Cortez is a divers and snorkelers dream. This World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve is known for its extraordinary beauty and diversity. From sea lions to manta rays to whales, you’ll be able to unleash your inner mermaid as you glide through the crystal blue waters. Before enjoying this underwater amusement park and after, when you need a little rest, you can relax on our luxurious yacht, drink your favorite drink and enjoy the white sand beaches while sailing. Do not forget to visit the most emblematic beaches where you can rejuvenate and reflect on how exceptional the snorkeling experiences of Los Cabos are.

Give us the opportunity to make this vacation memorable.

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