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Best Cocktails You Must Try in Los Cabos

Best Cocktails You Must Try in Los Cabos

The best part about taking a vacation is all the new things you can try. Particularly when it comes to pleasing your palate because, at an all inclusive resort, possibilities are almost endless. And we’re not just talking about eating in the best restaurants in Los Cabos, but finding the best cocktail bars and being amazed by their delightful creations.

While different flavors of margaritas are popularly known Mexican drinks, there are so many signature cocktails and more interesting drink specials you can try. Let’s look at some of the best cocktails you must try in Los Cabos.

If you’re a traditionalist, you’ll probably go for the classics and fancy The Old Fashioned. This classic drink has a strong whiskey bourbon taste but the added bitters help bring out the bourbon’s subtle caramel, oak, and vanilla flavors. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more creative whiskey cocktail, you’ll love the Piloncillo, a signature concoction by La Jolla Bar at Villa La Valencia Los Cabos.

The Piloncillo is one of the must try cocktails in Los Cabos which was crafted by Carlos Valdez Avila, a cocktail specialist and bartender extraordinaire at Villa La Valencia Los Cabos. This signature cocktail was even featured by Lux Exposé which published a roundup article about bartenders’ must-try cocktails around the world.

Can you tell what’s in this cocktail from just the name, Piloncillo? Well, let’s look closer at the ingredients and flavors. It embodies the essence of this Mexican staple ingredient, piloncillo, and highlights tasting notes like caramel, rum, and smokiness. It also includes whiskey, Amaretto Disaronno (Italian almond liqueur), piloncillo syrup scented with star anise and lemon juice, then topped with refreshing lemon and rosemary.

If whiskey is not your poison, fortunately, there are other signature drink specials and must try cocktails that you will only find at Villa La Valencia and its bars in Los Cabos. When it comes to vodka Mexican drink specials, you must try the cocktails: Blue Valencia, Kiss Me & Shine, Tropical Martini, and Fallen Angel. While all are vodka-based, each captures its own flavor and taste.

Blue Valencia has more of a pineapple and Blue Curacao flavor while Fallen Angel couldn’t be any different because it is chocolate-based with coffee, cinnamon, and all that good stuff. Kiss Me & Shine has more of a citrusy taste with sour apple liqueur and Tropical Martini is no regular martini, it’s sweetened with tamarind syrup and has mint leaves and Tajin chile.

If you haven’t read about your favorite spirits yet, let me guess, is it rum or gin? Or better yet, is it tequila and mezcal? Well, I have the best news ever, there’s room at the table for you! All these spirits are used to create signature Mexican cocktails that are deliciously made at La Jolla Bar, too. Other must try cocktails with rum is Cuba de Kiwi, made with dark rum, and Vitality Kick which is made with white rum.

Like many people say, “when life gets too salty, add a little tequila and lime”. But La Jolla Bar has something even better. This tequila concoction is called the Cricket, one of the Mexican drinks that are citrusy but with a twist. It includes 3 types of citrus fruits, lemongrass syrup, and of course, premium tequila. Then there’s Hibiscus Dream which is concocted with mezcal, hibiscus, and other tasty ingredients.

Villa La Valencia has some of the best restaurants in Los Cabos, so how could we not offer the best cocktails, too. We aim to more than please, we aim to show your tastebuds a whole new world of flavors. From our exquisite freshly prepared meals using high-quality ingredients to the impressive concoctions using premium liquor and spirits, Villa Valencia and all its restaurants and bars in Los Cabos have something special waiting for you.

With so many options of spirits and Mexican cocktails to choose from, it must be hard to select just one. But why try just one? When you’re at an all inclusive resort, try them all!

Give us the opportunity to make this vacation memorable.

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