Beaches in Los Cabos

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Beaches in Los Cabos

If you’ve already visited the iconic Arco de Cabo San Lucas (“Cabo San Lucas Arch”), then you should head to three beaches just a few miles from this rock formation, which, by the way, have some very curious names.

The first of these is Playa del Amor (Love Beach), which is located right next to the arch, and is framed by the horizon of the Sea of Cortés, inviting lovers to take romantic walks, especially at sunset. In addition, between December and April, it is an ideal place for whale watching.

If love is over, you’ll always have the comfort of Playa del Divorcio (“Divorce Beach”), which is conveniently located next to Playa del Amor (“Love Beach”). Its name has its origin in a sad story of love lost between a sailor and a woman, but it is undeniable that for the love sickness you have to walk along its fine sand beaches framed by turquoise blue waters.
For an adventure, nothing like visiting the Playa de los Amantes (“Lovers’ Beach”), located at the midpoint between the other two beaches. Here you can observe colorful fish without the need to snorkel or dive, thanks to the transparency of its waters. It is also possible to take a boat ride on a glass bottom.

Give us the opportunity to make this vacation memorable.

Beaches in Los Cabos

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